For consumers

Allergen information

This information is for the 14 main allergenic ingredients listed by current European legislation (with the exception of ingredients provisionally excluded from this Regulation).

The composition of the products may be subject to change. We will do our best to update this section, including when you will be informed of changes in the composition of any of these products.

How many Smoothies lines do you have?
We have a line of smoothies with only fruit, with fruit and vegetables and with superfoods.
Is it natural fruit?
Yes, our product contains only 100% natural fruit. Its excellent preservation through the IQF process allows our product to retain all its properties without adding preservatives, stabilisers…
What is the IQF process?
IQF stands for Individually Quick Frozen.

Through this process, the fruit is deep-frozen by an extreme cold shock that causes it to freeze from the core of the fruit to the outside, thus preserving all the qualities of the fruit without preservatives or stabilisers.

How are Smoothies made?
It is a very simple procedure!

Smoothies Fruit & Vegetable Range:

Base juice + single-dose sachet + crush for 30 sec. = 100% natural fruit smoothie!

Is there a difference between the fruit I freeze and the fruit you offer me through the IQF process?
IQF process:

The fruit is deep-frozen by means of an extreme cold shock that causes it to freeze from the core of the fruit to the outside, thus preserving all the qualities of the fruit without preservatives or stabilisers.

Freezing process using conventional freezing machinery:

In contrast to the IQF process, the freezing that a domestic freezer or chest freezer can offer starts from the outside of the food, so the fruit loses its natural properties.

For professionals

Can Smoothies be used to make cocktails?
Yes, just by adding the type of alcohol and quantity that we indicate in our recipe, you will make delicious cocktails!
How do I place my first order?
Consult our sales department, they will be able to advise you on your first order and we will send you a personalised quote with no obligation!

You can also contact us by phone from 08:30h to 17:30h, Monday to Friday on 965 140 775; if you call out of hours you can leave a message on our voicemail or send an email to and we will be happy to assist you as soon as possible!

How do you ship the product?
We ship the product by professional frozen transport, which avoids temperature variations and guarantees the cold chain.
Will my order arrive at the same time?
The free marketing would arrive by regular mail and the product would arrive by professional freezer transport.
What equipment should I use to make Smoothies?
To make our smoothies you need a professional blender, if you don’t have one, we have a promotional offer! don’t forget to ask our agent.
Can I use a 600W blender to make Smoothies?
Any ice crusher that can crush ice will do for the preparation of ZUMit Smoothies, although we always recommend that they are made with professional crushers.
Can you print on different media for marketing purposes?
Our Marketing Department is continually updating our designs and supports, adapting to the needs of the market, so we recommend that you start with the starter pack that we offer; although in certain cases, we will study the needs of the client.
Do you provide marketing material?

Yes, completely free of charge, with the first order, both menu cards and posters.

What selling price should I set?
We recommend, depending on the area in which the establishment is located, the type of clientele etc., that the price should be between €3.00 and €6.00.