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Zumit is the brand of people who make the most of life, without giving up anything.

WE BELIEVE that it is possible to live every moment to the fullest without leaving our health by the wayside.
Because knowing how to take care of yourself does not mean giving up anything!

Our natural fruit and vegetables are harvested in their optimum state of ripeness, washed, cut and deep-frozen, preserving all their properties. and without preservatives and chemicals!

Take it and squeeze it!



At Zumit we are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high quality smoothies, milkshakes, cold pressed, IQF fruit and other similar products. As national and international distributors, we always take care of the whole process, from manufacturing, bottling, reception and customer service.

We are not only manufacturer and distributor, we are allies for your business, our smoothies, milkshakes, cold pressed, IQF fruit and other healthy products in PREMIUM format offer a high profitability, the possibility to improve cross-selling in many occasions, a quick preparation without previous training, and a long shelf life.

If you are a professional and you need a reliable manufacturer and supplier, please contact us so that our Sales Department can advise you on the best solution for your type of business.